Our Team

UX3D is a Munich based company that was founded in 2017 and grew to a notable size of 14 team members since. We mainly consist of software developers, artists and designers. Our team members have previously worked in academia, the automotive, finance, games, internet and semiconductor industries. We work together in an environment that encourages engagement, open communication, passion and personal development.


Mathias Kanzler: GPU Software Engineer

Lukas Goll: GPU Software Engineer

Jim Eckerlein: GPU Software Engineer

Norbert Nopper: Managing Director

Fabienne Rainer: Management Assistant

Fabian Wahlster: Lead GPU Software Engineer

Luisa Dettloff: GPU Software Engineer

David Labode: GPU Software Engineer

Carolin Schottenheimer: Art & 2D/3D Motion Design

Benjamin Schmithüsen: GPU Software Engineer

Sigrid Mayer: Lead Art & Design

Moritz Willy Becher: AI/ML Software Engineer

Phillip Hohenester: GPU Software Engineer

Patrick Härtl: GPU Software Engineer

Pixi: Loyal Printer

Munich: Beautiful Hometown

Two-Headed Squirrel: Mythological Mascot

The Very First Triangle: Rendered with Vulkan


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Our Values

Social responsibility is an essential component of the company’s philosophy. Exemplarily, this is reflected in the strict application of a 35h work week for all employees and also exceeds to our behaviour towards subcontractors, customers and anyone affected by our operations.
UX3D believes in diversity and equality. We stand against discrimination in regards to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color of skin, religion, national origin, disability or age.

Our company is also minimizing it’s ecological footprint by using public transportation whenever possible. This means, we prefer the local subway system to the car, trains to planes and encourage any kind of environmentally friendly behavior.

Innovation & Success

Our success and innovation is based on focus, passion and teamwork.

Life & Free time

We love what we do and value the time everyone to enjoy life and to spend time with friends and family.

Work & Customer

Our customers can rely on our commitment, integrity and quality.

Tolerance & Equality

We believe in equal opportunities for all team members.